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Muir Woods Teen Treatment Center Expansion News & Info

Lohrman Lane - 2 Treatment Centers on One Parcel

Complaint filed with Sonoma County Code Enforcement on 2/2/22:

There are 2 "Small residential community care facilities", each with 6 residents, on one parcel:
AP# 048-121-015
900 Lohrman Ln., Petaluma

900 Lohrman Ln. South, Petaluma, 6 patients. C D S S Facility Detail 496890062
900 Lohrman Ln. North, Petaluma, 6 patients. C D S S Facility Detail 496890077 (note: 2 facilities, each with 6 patients, at one address, 900 Lohrman Ln.)

This does not conform to allowed uses on one parcel of a (single):
(c) Small residential community care facility

Nathan Peacock, Code Enforcement Inspector II, County of Sonoma, , has reported 4/4/22:

"The property owner were issued a violation for the second facility. While both facilities are licensed by the state, the parcel is not permitted to be used for both. The owner spoke with Code Enforcement Manager Tyra Harrington and stated that a single facility would remain active. The other facility will not be used."

Isabel Mendoza, Licensing Program Manager, California Department of Social Services, , has reported 7/11/22:

"I wanted to inform you that Muir Wood- Lohrman North is no longer licensed, and they closed their facility back in March of 2022 with an effective date of 3/8/22."


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