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Revoking of Use Permit

For concerns regarding code violations (zoning, health and safety, construction without permits, etc.), you can submit a complaint with Code Enforcement on Permit Sonoma's website at: Filing a complaint with Code Enforcement enables the Code Enforcement Officers to move forward with an investigation into the complaint(s).

If you are requesting the Board of Zoning Adjustments revoke UPE14-0018, please formalize your request in a letter addressed to Permit Sonoma's Director, Tennis Wick at, or Permit Sonoma's Deputy Director, Scott Orr at Please include details on use permit compliance issues and/or information on how the facility operating under UPE14-0018 constitutes a nuisance. Details may include, but are not limited to, dates and types of events, duration of events, and any other information that describes your experience with the events. The zoning code sections concerning permit revocation are:

Sec. 26-92-120. - Revocation generally.
(a) Whenever in the opinion of the planning director or of the board of zoning adjustments a condition of any permit issued pursuant to this chapter has been violated, or that the use constitutes a nuisance, the planning director shall cause a hearing to be held before the board of zoning adjustments on the matter of the revocation or modification of such permit. The hearing shall be noticed in accordance with this chapter and shall require the owner to appear at the noticed time and place and show cause why such permit should not be revoked or modified.
(b) If, after the hearing, the board of zoning adjustments finds that there has been or will be a substantial failure to fulfill one or more of the conditions of the permit or that exercise of the use constitutes a nuisance, the board may either revoke the permit or modify it in such a manner as to secure the goals of Section 26-92-080.

Sec. 26-92-080. - Same—Findings of the board of zoning adjustments—Conditions.
(a) In order to grant any use permit, the findings of the board of zoning adjustments shall be that the establishment, maintenance or operation of the use or building applied for will not under the circumstances of the particular case, be detrimental to the health, safety, peace, comfort or general welfare of persons residing or working in the neighborhood or to the general welfare of the area.
The board of zoning adjustments may designate such conditions in accordance with the use permit, as it deems necessary to secure the purposes of this chapter and may require such guarantees and evidence that such conditions are being or will be complied with.
(b) Subject to the right of appeal as provided in this chapter, the decision of the board of zoning adjustments shall be final ten (10) days after the board of zoning adjustments renders its decision.


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